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While the concert was unfortunately cancelled, we will use this page to recognize the talented performers who were ready to help support the TRC this year!

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Max Legere

Max Legere is a senior at Saint John High School who’s very involved in the Concert Choir as the accompanist for many songs. He is also involved in the school’s jazz choir and men’s choir and has performed for Youth for Youth the past 3 years as a pianist, guitarist and singer. He is looking forward to helping us support the TRC again this year!

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Lauren Dykeman

Lauren Dykeman is a 16-year-old performer from Saint John, New Brunswick. Lauren plays guitar, ukulele, bass, euphonium and sings! She also does musical theatre choir, jazz choir, and band at her school, Harbour View High. This would have been her 3rd year performing at the Youth for Youth concert and she is so excited to help support the TRC.

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Marla Zaat

Marla Zaat grew up and lives in Saint John New Brunswick. At an early age, Marla displayed an aptitude for singing and music in general and at the age of 5, she was taking formal violin instruction. Ever the performer, Marla started signing up for school events where she picked up the ukulele and keyboard to accompany her beautiful voice. Now at the age of 17, Marla is a regular performer for the NB Talent Showcase at the Boardwalk Market Square and several other locations around Saint John. Marla’s voice can be heard in the recent recording of the song “Lets Talk I’ll Listen”; which is raising awareness for suicide prevention.  Her smooth, emotive voice is gaining her recognition around New Brunswick as she continues to grow her talent.

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Jacob Holiday

Jacob Holiday is a singer/songwriter from Saint John. It’s his second year performing at Youth For Youth and he feels honoured to be back. Besides singing, Jacob studies Journalism at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B. Jacob developed a love for Country, Appalachian Folk, and Bluegrass at a young age and his biggest influences are artists like Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, and The Carter Family. He’s excited to help support the TRC this year! 

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